Saturday, November 7, 2009

So, here is a little six inch square piece that I did recently. It's one of four that are going to the Canyon Gallery in Farmington, UT. I originally did this about six months ago and the background was all very light green--lighter than the flesh tones. I basically repainted the whole thing. Ok, not basically, I did repaint the whole thing. I just set out one Saturday to warm up the wreath, and ended up hours later with a completely new piece. There are things that work well, and generally I'm pleased. There are still some slight anatomical/chromatic issues, but it needs to go out the door.


  1. this is great. When will they be at the gallery? I'd love to go see them.

  2. Jason, thanks for your interest in my work! They'll be at the Canyon gallery in Farmington starting this coming Saturday. They're a great gallery, and if you have some time you should consider stopping by. Thanks again!