Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Winter Plein-Air

Ok, so no excuses about how long it has been since the last post, we'll just be grateful for the present. This is a plein-air piece that I did New Year's Eve along the Bronx River. Though it looks rather secluded there are actually cars that travel along both sides of this scene. That's the beauty of artistic editing. I feel like there are some good things happening, and I tried to be quite basic especially with my treatment of the trees. Happy 2011! Best yet...

Some Sketches

These are some sketches that I have had for awhile and just haven't posted. The top three are plein-air sketches done around Blue Sky Studios during my lunch our over the past year or so. The bottom four little guys are just some studies I did from some photos I had taken a few years ago. Now that I look at the bottom four I realize that the composition is fair, but the lighting isn't really telling much of a story. The sketch of the large trees (the one titled 'Greenwich') is probably my favorite of the bunch.