Monday, June 15, 2009

This is a larger piece (18"x24" on linen panel) that just got shipped off to the Hollis Gallery in Pasadena ( The photo has a little glare, and the foreground shadow relationship to the distant cloud/mountaintop seems a bit drastic from the original, but other than that it's pretty true. The painting depicts the Utah mountains right above Farmington. I took some liberties with, well, a lot of things, but the essence is there. My last three large paintings have had a foreground shadow added to enhance focal point, so I'm going to have to start using some other tricks or else I'll get typecast!

Here are a few quick studies that have been lying around for a few months. The bottom winter piece was done on a snowy morning from the kitchen window, and the Indian corn was hanging on the wall by the stove one night and I couldn't resist. The baler and winter nocturne are from photos. All are roughly 5"x7". Enjoy!