Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is the small study I did for the larger piece above. This measures about 1"x 4", and as with all studies, there is a certain immediacy and 'spark' that is fun. To help the effect, squint your eyes.
The larger piece is not that big (6"x 24") and depicts one of the cirques on the Mt. Timpanogos trail. My wife and I were hiking there this summer and on the way down the setting sun was spectacular. I couldn't take photos fast enough, and this was a conglomeration of several of them. The painting is working quite well, I think, and I would really love to do this piece larger. I can definitely point to things in this piece which are a result of knowledge gained--or at least refined--while at Blue Sky. The Art Director that I'm working with on 'Rio' and the other artists there have a really great sense of the use of lighting, value, and color as a means of telling a story and creating a focal point. Enjoy!

This is a revision of a piece from a few months ago. The original is a few posts back. The perspective was off, and it was hard to tell what was going on in the field with the ditches. So here's the next step. There are some things which are working better, and some things which are starting to get overworked. Doing most of it at 2 am probably didn't help the freshness of it:)
This is a small piece (4.5"x6") that I did a few weeks ago for the Canyon Gallery. It is of West Layton, and I like a lot of things about it. I would love to do a larger piece of it.

So, here is a little six inch square piece that I did recently. It's one of four that are going to the Canyon Gallery in Farmington, UT. I originally did this about six months ago and the background was all very light green--lighter than the flesh tones. I basically repainted the whole thing. Ok, not basically, I did repaint the whole thing. I just set out one Saturday to warm up the wreath, and ended up hours later with a completely new piece. There are things that work well, and generally I'm pleased. There are still some slight anatomical/chromatic issues, but it needs to go out the door.