Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here is a little 5"x 7" study that I did last weekend in anticipation of a larger painting to come. It's always interesting to see how pieces work at different sizes. A lot of great paintings that are fine as small pieces just don't work as large paintings. But, as with any process of creation, you'll never know for sure what it is just by mulling it over in your mind. It has to take physical form before you can see it for what it is and assess things correctly. I also think it's funny that we always want to paint summer scenes in the winter and vice-versa. Digital photography has heightened this ability. I would wager that some of the most sentimental Christmas songs were written in the heat of July when the memories were sweetest. Enjoy.


  1. As soon as I saw the study I thought, "Dave is missing summer..." Funny you'd choose to mention it in your description. Looks a lot like West Layton. I like it.

  2. Beautiful Dave! It was so fun talking with you. Hope everything is going well.