Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Treats!

So, for Christmas treats this year we roasted some nuts (coat them with egg whites, add some cinnamon and sugar...) and added this little tag. The bags were some that I had sitting around, and they were smaller than they should have been, perhaps, so it's good we had a tag to dress it up. Liz was the art director on the project, and it's good too, because my first few iterations were quite pitiful. Merry Christmas All!


  1. Way to go Dave and Liz, that's awesome!

  2. Thanks, Indy! Hope you guys are having a great Christmas. Give everyone our love.

  3. I wouldn't mind tasting one of those nuts! I first thought this was going to be a play on words on the Christmas "nuts" (the Dibbles are Nuts for Christmas, or something like that), but now I see that's something even better - really yummy nuts. :-) Hope your trip is safe and fun! Enjoy the warmer weather.