Monday, June 25, 2012

Recent Figure Drawings

Here are some recent 'best-of' from the figure drawing pile. I know, I know, if this is 'best-of', then we're in trouble!  But alas, a blog isn't for perfection, it's about work in progress. I haven't traditionally done as much gesture drawing before Blue Sky, so I'm trying to strengthen my approach and help to economically suggest form and structure.   The short poses are mostly 2-5 min, and the more refined pieces are between 20-75 min.

The first piece of the 'Death of Marat' was a fun night. The model is incredible, and he brought foam cubes, sheets, and props, and created this scene, among others. I have rarely seen a model be so artistically informed, or take modeling to such a high level as he does.  And you'll notice the little baby drawings at the end here; my little boy came and modeled for us one night. He is not a sedentary boy.  So, it was a game of try and get as much information before he moves.  Hence the large number of heads:)  Enjoy!

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