Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sidewalk Monkeys!

So, here is some more graphic design I've been working on. The company sells and rents Stryder balance bikes for kids (bikes without pedals that kids learn to bike on--pretty awesome concept and VERY effective).  I wanted to make something fun that had the angularity of children's art, and I feel like that's coming through for sure. I like the bike version for it's straightforwardness. But I like the space and narrative created in the 'sidewalk' version, and feel like it holds my interest longer. Readability and objectivity are so hard to determine as the designer, so definitely let me know what makes sense and what doesn't. And after all that, do you want to see a monkey? I stayed away from the monkey on purpose because I felt like it was a distraction and didn't communicate any of the main idea. But again, speak your mind. Thanks!

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