Friday, April 27, 2012

Sidewalk Monkey revisions

As always, design (and painting) is a process. Here is the final solution to the Sidewalk Monkeys problem. The other versions were really bothering me in that they were, well, just not very good.  Even though they communicated elements that I liked, they didn't do it clearly, and didn't hold the viewer's attention (i.e. boring and confusing). 

So I went down to the basics and did pages of ideas in my sketchbook the last few days on the train to/from work.  There are a lot of things I like about this final version, but I won't go on about it. If it's successful, it should communicate without me needing to explain it.  And if you have comments or things that you see that I haven't, let me know.

Go Sidewalk Monkeys!


  1. Dave, thanks for posting your latest graphic design work. I have found myself turning to your blog quite frequently lately to get ideas and pointers on graphic design. I find it refreshing to be able to follow your work and get a glimpse of the hard work and skill that goes into your projects. I have gained a greater appreciation for good graphic design as you've showed the effort and struggles behind creating an effective design. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Ben, that's kind of you to say. I'm glad you have been able to follow things and that they have have been helpful. Are you doing some design these days? I'd love to see it if you are. I'll try and post a progression page of this logo to show all the visual steps. You're awesome, thanks!

  3. I think these are much improved revisions. I liked the old sidewalk ones, but they didn't convey the fact that they make bikes, which you really have to have in a bike company logo. I'm definitely big on the two color option too, which you've incorporated here. They look very nice.

    1. Thanks, Dan-o! This is really great feedback, and helps clarify where I'm going with the design. Yes, I agree that once the bike got in there it really strengthened the message, as without it, the sidewalk could be anything (looks like a factory or something at first glance). Thanks again, cap'n...