Monday, January 9, 2012

New piece for the New Era

Here is a digital piece which I did this week for the New Era magazine (the youth magazine of the LDS church). I like it generally. It's a bit heavy on the photographic side, which, digitally, often ends up looking like you only know how to use the color picker in Photoshop. With some more time I could have pushed things away from that a little more successfully, perhaps. It was originally all warm light (both the ambient and directional light were warm), but I pushed the cools into the ambient side, and I like that part. Kudos to Alex for being such a willing last minute model!


  1. Cool Dave. That is fun to see you do some things that are different from what I normally see of your work. Getting some good publicity at least, right!?

  2. Thanks Jason and Dan-o! Yes, good to do work that pushes us out of our normal routine and comfort zone.