Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Next Step

Here is the actual oil painting of the digital version in the last post. I am quite pleased with it, and feel like there are some things working better here than in the digital version. I pulled up the digital version on my old imac and painted straight from the screen, a first for me. It was very enjoyable to paint from the screen instead of a sub-par print. This is a 9"x12" piece, and I'm looking forward to doing a larger version soon.


  1. Do you find yourself tending to paint with the seasons? By that I mean do you paint winter scenes in winter and summer in summer, etc.? This is nice. Very cold, but the darks provide nice contrast to the white. I saw a painting at work of a rocket motor, and they had thrown some green into the white light of the rocket motor to show it was brighter than white. It was interesting but looked pretty realistic.