Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Recent Paintings

Here are some new lunchtime plein air paintings not previously posted.  A few are (obviously) from this past Winter, but I thought they merited a showing.  Similar subjects and compositions are starting to show up since with such a short window to paint (these are 1-2 hours during lunch), I can't wander very far.  And I don't particularly care for the piece at the bottom of the vines growing over the rock wall, but I just stuck it in there to show that you don't (can't) always hit a home run, but the failures are important too!  The second-to-last piece of the light streaking through the forest has a nice feel to it, I think I'll do a larger studio piece of it in the next month or two.  Enjoy!


  1. I agree about the light streaking one. The zig-zaginess makes it appealing. I love being able to check in on your work every now and then to get a nice sense of the cool things that you keep on doing!

  2. Thanks Beth and Marty for the kind words, and for taking the time to check out the new work!