Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ice Age updates on website

I have updated my website with some color keys I did for Ice Age: Continental Drift (aka Ice Age 4) that Blue Sky released this summer.  You can find them here, or else just go to the homepage of dibbleart.com  and follow the 'film work' link. I grouped the keys a little differently than the Rio keys, and I didn't include side-by-side renders for comparison, but I liked how they held together by scene, so if you've seen the film hopefully you'll remember some of these sequences.  It was a fun film to work on, and we're all getting very excited for the upcoming release of Epic in May of 2013!  Well done to all of the amazing artists at Blue Sky from whom I continue to learn a great deal.  Enjoy!


  1. Hey David Dibble! I took our older girls to see this on opening weekend and they loved it! I made them stay behind for all of the credits, and when I pointed out your name, they started jumping up and down and screaming. When I mentioned they played with you on your farm when they were little they got all cocky, like "yeah,I TOTALLY know a famous person".

    Keep up the amazing work! Adam is loving all your paintings on here by the way...

    1. Thank you so much! That's funny the girls responded like that--if they only saw me taking naps under my desk at work it would take some of the glamor out of it:) Tell Adam and everyone hello for me!

  2. I love how your color keys would work just as good as a gallery painting. What a neat thing to be able to give that sort of input to a artistic collaboration.

    I also love how you take naps under your desk (for inspiration just as much as rest, right?) … seems like the type of thing I would love to do, except those blasted students keep on finding me. I guess I need a more complicated desk!

  3. Marty!!! You're welcome to borrow mine anytime:) That's kind of you to make the connection between gallery painting and color keys. They are more linked than most would think in the principles used.